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    ‘It’s about a proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems up, running and available’


    Brendan Kearey - Managing Director



    Kearey Solutions



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    ensure your data is stored securely


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For dependable IT support in London, Maidstone and the rest of the UK and focusing in particular on the specific needs of small and medium sized businesses, look no further than Kearey Consulting Ltd. At Kearey, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business receives the critical technology support that it requires. Whilst providing a reliable support service, Kearey also specialises in cloud services, online backup and disaster recovery. Your business is in safe hands with Kearey Consulting.

We work in the following range of business sectors:

  1. Finance
  2. Education
  3. Investment
  4. Property
  5. Mining
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Risk Assessment
  8. Charities


We work out of offices in Mayfair, Forest Hill and Maidstone so if you’re looking for IT support in London and the Southeast then you’ve come to the right place. We provide IT support for a wide range of businesses: from self-employed freelancers to global corporations.


Kearey Consulting provides the following services:

  1. Cloud Services
  2. Hosting
  3. Virtualisation
  4. Co-location
  5. IT Consultancy
  6. Disaster Recovery
  7. Network Security
  8. Online Backup


At Kearey, we don’t stand still. All of our highly skilled consultants and technicians receive on-going and thorough training to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the very latest in cutting-edge technologies, techniques and services. We are passionate about staying ahead of the game and that’s why we are continuously investing in new and reliable technology in order to make our end product even more efficient and responsive.


We know that for many of our customers, their IT system may be inefficient; an extra level of complexity that they could really do without. At Kearey, we are devoted to trying to ensure that your business is more efficient and more profitable – we don’t want you to be bogged down in the technical details. Consequently our staff are trained to cope with all business systems: whether simple or complex. We also offer comprehensive user training to make certain that you’ll know what you need to.


At Kearey, we offer you a personalised approach – we’ll focus on your specific short and long-term business requirements to provide you with a bespoke service that suits you. Contact us today for free, impartial advice.


kearey consulting Outsource the management of some (or all) of your IT systems, freeing up your organisation from routine IT tasks.
kearey consulting A cloud network provides your business with a full range of IT services without the need to purchase and maintain an Internal IT Infrastructure.
kearey consulting Virtualisation technology offers users the ability to pool their hardware resources, allowing your IT to be more flexible and cost-effective.